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Release Date: 04-18-2019 - Release Notes

  • App
  • Server
  • Debugger Plugin for PostgreSQL
  • OmniDB Plugins
  • Downgraded Npgsql from 3 to 2, in order to OmniDB work with PostgreSQL when OmniDB is hosted on Windows (.NET 4.5).
  • Reorganized Spartacus.Database.Type to support OmniConversion types.

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  • MariaDB and MySQL duplicates columns on index, PK and FK column lists. Added a distinct.
  • Updated UCanAccess to 4.0, and enabled DDL for MS Access. Still being tested.

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  • Support to some cases where MariaDB and MySQL duplicate columns in metadata.

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  • Fixed exception thrown when trying to connect to PostgreSQL databases

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  • Fixed loss of connection with MySQL databases
  • Fixed function and procedure removal through the interface

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  • MariaDB support
  • Support to functions and procedures
  • Connection tabs, being able to manage multiples connections in single workspace
  • Data and table edit interfaces use tabs instead of popups
  • Redim panels (tabs, editors and grids)
  • Dark theme

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  • Export query result to CSV, XLSX or DBF
  • SQL Editor replace text feature (Ctrl-G)
  • Optimized graph rendering (new component)
  • Shortcut key customization (web.config)
  • Minor bug fixes

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  • SQL CE support
  • Conversion Data Filter
  • Connection Alias
  • Minor bugs fixed

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  • Schema conversion between technologies
  • Full ERD visualization
  • Commands history
  • NT Authentication support for SQL Server
  • Minor bugs fixed

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