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Open Source Web Tool
For Database Management

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1.6.5b Package

Support Status

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Firebird
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQLite
  • SQL Server
  • Access
  • SQL CE

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Technology Can Improve Your Workspace!

OmniDB is a web tool that simplifies database management focusing on interactivity, designed to be powerful and lightweight. Check-out some characteristics:

Web Tool

Accessible from any platform, using a browser as a medium.

Responsive Interface

All available functions in a single page.

Unified workspace

Different technologies managed in a single workspace.

Simplified Editing

Easy to add and remove connections.


Multi-user support with encrypted personal information.

Interactive Tables

All funcionalities use interactive tables, allowing copying and pasting in blocks.

Smart SQL Editor

Contextual SQL code completion.

Beautiful SQL Editor

You can choose between many available color themes.

Tabbed SQL Editor

Easily add, rename or delete editor tabs.



  • ASP.NET;
  • C#;
  • HTML + CSS + JavaScript.

Tool Support

  • Linux;
  • Windows;
  • OS X.
  • PostgreSQL;
  • Oracle;
  • Firebird;
  • MySQL;
  • SQLite;
  • SQL Server;
  • Access;
  • SQL CE.
  • Windows - .NET Framework;
  • Linux and OS X - Mono.


Easy to Manage

Data structure visualization works like an interactive tree, with each nodes' context menu containing access to every available action regarding it.

Included structures:

  • Columns and Tables;
  • Key Constraints: primary, foreign and unique;
  • Index: unique and non-unique.

The user can easily switch between database connections picking from a simple dropdown menu located above the tree.

Table Creation

Powerful interface to create new tables.

Editing capabilities:

  • Tables' names;
  • Columns: name, type and nullable;
  • Primary keys and respective columns;
  • Foreign keys with either table and reference columns, including updating rules and removal as well;
  • Indexes.

Table Editing

It's possible to edit existent tables, being able to alter any item from the previous topic.

This feature depends on the restriction of each DBMS technology.

Data Management

It's possible to add, edit and remove tables' records.

If the table contains primary key, existent records may be altered or removed, if not, only new records may be inserted.

SQL Editing

It's also an interactive and customizable SQL editor.

Customizable Features:

  • Syntax highlighting for SQL;
  • SQL code completion for table columns and subquery;
  • Multiple themes to be selected.

Database Schema Conversion

Since version 1.3, OmniDB is able to convert one schema to another, regardless of the DBMS. It is very useful to convert databases, from any supported DBMS to any supported DBMS.

Here are the structures supported by OmniDB database conversion:


  • Tables
  • Primary Keys
  • Foreign Keys
  • Uniques
  • Indexes
  • Table data

Other Features

Inspite of its light design, OmniDB aims to be a solid and complete tool, posessing many other facilitating features.

The OmniDB Team is looking forward to receive your feedback, feel free to submit your opinions and share experience.


  • Querying organized in tables;
  • DDL commands execution;
  • Multiple sequenced commands execution (scripts);
  • Bar charts demonstrating registry numbers contained in the denser tables (limited to 100);
  • Graphs displaying tables and their relations;
  • Graphs displaying tables, relations and color scale based on record density;
  • Graphs displaying complete ER diagram